Tuesday, June 19, 2012

D170 - RAAM - Unplugged

There is no shortage of photo opportunities on this journey. I am actually finding I could use a few extra memory cards, additional camera bodies, and my own Wi-Fi network.  Yesterday we fell onto a cellular dead zone that was so big you could call it a graveyard. The service interruption was severe enough to have us imitating the old Verizon 'Can you hear me now' commercials. As funny as that might sound, it was a logistic headache that had us counting miles and estimating rider speed. We did this to give the resting rider group as much downtime as possible before they start their shift on two wheels. Now we are out of the mountains and into the flat lands so I finally have enough signal strength to upload my photo of the day. The photo is from Utah, just outside of the Valley of Monuments, hours before sunrise. Driving through was an experience of a lifetime.
Enjoy, Brian