Tuesday, June 5, 2012

D158 - Cyclist & Ohio Cycle Works Charities

Getting ready to head home and I see cyclist racing by, perfect for a photo of the day. Especially since RAAM is coming up in a week and a few days. Our team and crew, Ohio Cycle Works Charities, will start in Oceanside California making our way to Annapolis Maryland. Keep your eyes on the blog for posts from the road. Also be sure to check our site Ohio Cycle Works Charities for more information about the cyclist, our mission to raise awareness and funds [$100K] for children in need via the Akron Children's Hospital, and to donate to the cause. With the power of social media [Facebook & twitter] and everyone's networks spreading the word we could more than hit the goal. Think of it like this, if we could get 1 person for each of the miles of the race (3,000 from CA to MD) to donate $11, we would blow the remainder of our goal out of the water!  Now that be a feat that would surely put smiles on the faces of the kids at the Hospital. Or 6k people at $6 each, which is not impossible, just takes a little bit of work to get there and you’re only missing out on one Coffee. The minimum to donate is $5 via the site: Ohio Cycle Works Charities, spread the word!


Ja mata,   Brian