Monday, June 11, 2012

D164 - Perfect Mix

Just the right amount of rain, a splash of sun, and a cloudy backdrop to make this rainbow pop. If you look close you can see it's a double rainbow [What does it mean!?]. This capture is all about F8 and be there. About halfway through my drive home I saw the rainbow, I grabbed a few quick captures just in case the rainbow was gone before I had a chance to get out frame up and compose an image. Back in the film days I was walking in the field and found two spider webs on each side of a small sampling [tree] with the sun lighting them from the back. Natural symmetry at it's best and all I had to do was capture it. Out comes the tripod, then the K1000, next screwed on the shutter release cable, after that chose a lens, then looked at the webs and settles on a angle to shoot at, dialed in the exposure, got into position and...the sun hid behind a large cloud and a grasshopper decided to tap dance in one of the webs. I sat there with my mouth open thinking...'how did I miss it!?' Simple, everything leading up to the pressing the shutter should 'almost' be like auto pilot. While I was thinking how interesting the webs split by the tree looked, I could have setup the tripod, shutter cable, lens, and stated my exposure. leaving me to only think about the angle and why. Repetition is your friend, this is why those who practice, excel, and practice only cost time. You can get good at watching TV and wishing you were better, or excel at your craft and become better at learning more.

Your choice.

Ja mata, Brian