Saturday, June 16, 2012

D169 [RAAM] The Race is On

After a year of training, dieting, and planing to the 10th degree the race has started. Time passed incredibly slow in the hours and minutes leading up to the official start for team Ohio Cycle Works Charities, but now we can all feel the seconds ticking away. 

Today, I was in the runner vehicle which means we run ahead of the riders and support vehicles to get supplies, food, errands, and laundry for everyone. The positive side of this is we get to see the course the riders will eventually ride and can provide feedback. Also, as the riders need specific items, we can pick them up and do a hand-off with the support vehicles if needed. With no request from the riders or support teams we headed out to our destination, Prescott Arizona. Shortly after we were underway we hit the desert, and that is about the time we realized we forgot to stock up on water and snacks for our vehicle. Well it really sunk in once we noticed the temperature outside the car had hit 100 degrees, but we stopped briefly to rectify the situation and continued on our way. Some sights from our travels today:

Ja mata, Brian