Thursday, June 14, 2012

D167 - [RAAM] The Gathering

Most of the team has made it to California with a good amount travel hiccups. From cancelled flights, delayed flights that cause missed flights, change of airports, and realizing that San Diego Airport has two terminals when pickup up team members it was an adventure. Today was a long day, but short, I'm sure, in comparison to the days to follow. For those reading, you can follow our progress, though my eyes as a crew member at least, on this blog. Also, at the RAAM website to see the status of our team Ohio CycleWorks Charities, and info. In the coming days I will also post links to more blogs to follow our progress. Tonight's images are photos of one of the support vehicles with it's fancy decals attached. Speaking of support, it is not too late to donate to the cause, just $5 to help us achieve our goal of 100K. If you already have donated 'Thank you!' but want to help spread the word you can re-post this link on Facebook or Twitter. If social media can make Rage Against Machine's song 'Killing in the Name' the #1 Christmas song of 2009 in the UK, then it can surely help raise 100K for Akron Children's Hospital. Helping is only 2 click away!


The last image is one of the airport cell phone lot, as we spent a bit of time there waiting on those flight delays, including mine.

Ja mata, Brian