Tuesday, February 23, 2010

365 Project - Day 164

Day 164

Decided to give the pepper another try  to get some different shading and lights. Of course, this time I used a bell pepper and light cards with one off camera flash fired through a reflector. The light cards were just cardboard from a diaper box covered in foil, used to reflect light around the pepper. Which worked nicely to give an illusion of a second light for the rim on the camera right. I used the black card to subtract some light from the front left of the pepper, and the second foil card to light the inner front right edge. The only hard part was getting all the cards to stay in place, tomorrow I will look for options for holding the cards at the angles I need without me holding then and the camera remote trigger. I may revisit the bell pepper before moving on to the next veggie!

Large version on flickr.


Ja mata,


Christa said...

Great color and lighting here! I personally don't like bell peppers but this one looks scrumcious ;)

Sandra said...

Awesome lighting. Great image.

Karen Johnson said...

Love what you're doing and really appreciate you sharing how you accomplish the shot. I'm hoping and challenging myself to do more off camera lighting but I have a limited budget and knowledge.