Friday, February 12, 2010

365 Project - Day 153

Day 153

Today's image is a rendition of one that I saw on a PBS special when I was a kid. There was a guy (I tried to look up his name but to no avail) who took amazing pictures of space but via a cup of coffee, cream drops, and a macro lens. I will continue to scour the internet to find this photographer, but for the next few days I will experiment with lighting shooting coffee and cream. My plan is to use different types of creams, coffee, and maybe even tea for better results. As well as figuring ways to get the cream in the coffee without disturbing the liquid surface too much. The above image was instant coffee in a short black rice bowl lid, the milk was dropped in using a straw, that seemed to work fairly well.

Large version on flickr.


Ja mata,


Penny said...

What a fabulous concept! That image is lovely!