Wednesday, February 3, 2010

365 Project - Day 144

Day 144

Ice Fishing, yeah, I didn't get going out on ice, drilling a hole [on the same ice!], and sitting there waiting for fish in the cold. Some people even had lantern and little hut-type-tents they pulled over themselves to stay out of the elements. The guy I talked to today, Sam, said he only eats the fish he catches when they're from under the ice, they taste better. He talked about how he comes out in the summer with his kids to fish, but they don't keep any of it, just fish for fun. For Sam, ice fishing is very relaxing and he get to catch up with some of his buddies that he only sees out on the ice. I did finally venture about 5 feet out on the ice, and it was solid to my surprise. For me, the coolest part about this project is re-learning about my surroundings and appreciating the art in my own backyard.

Large version on Flickr.

Ja mata,


Dijea said...

Being a TX girl, I'm not sure I could make it the 5 feet out on the ice you did. But its a great shot. Absolutely serene.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Composition! I love it.