Saturday, February 6, 2010

365 Project - Day147

Day 147

Today I was listening to a lot of music from the mid to late 90's, just taking it back while I brainstormed on a few projects coming up. I decided to photograph one of my Mini Disc [MD] player for day 147 because I still have so much music on MD. I remember seeing Mini Disc in the States for about 6 - 8 months in the mid-90's and then they disappeared. But when I was in Japan, MD's were everywhere! There were machines that you could download songs to a disc in the store for ¥300 [Itunes should do this!], and the players were incredibly small. Although the one pictured above is a Sony, I also have one made by Sharp that is hardly bigger than an individual MD cartridge. The music I listen to is from many genres such as Hip-Hop, Classical, Jazz, Merengue, Soca, Reggae, Rock, Indie, R&B, JR&B, and plenty of instrumentals.

Large version on flickr.


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