Thursday, February 11, 2010

365 Project - Day 152

Day 152

Theme Thursday! for today's theme is shadows. With the new movie Wolfman debuting tomorrow in theaters I thought this would be a good day to put the gold fangs in and do a tribute. I originally setup with 2 flash units, one snooted with a straw grid and the other just snooted, but the grid on the first one was preventing the secondary unit from firing. Instead, I switched to one flash and used the white wall as a reflector to bounce a little light back at me. For the image, I played around with different angles and expressions, I like the above image a lot because of how it fades into the shadows with the profile.

**And on a side note my daughter is not a fan of the fronts, had to take them out to tell her good night or she ran away.

And one more...

Large version on flickr.


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