Tuesday, February 16, 2010

365 Project - Day157

Day 157

Where do you get your inspiration from? For me, I'm inspired by a lot of visual things like from a sunrise to a row of trees, but lately I've listened to an instrumental by Yonderboi, a Hungarian producer, which has me thinking about making a video and writing some lyrics. Again this is all in my head and I still need to put it on paper. But the synopsis would be a guy either gets in a car accident while driving or running through traffic chasing someone who robbed him (initial thoughts at least). Guy pursuing blackouts wakes up in hell and has to play the Devil for his soul and/or life back in a game of chess. The game pieces on the guys side would represent all the good/honorable things he has done, and on the Devils side would be all the sins he committed. While the game was being the played the pieces would act similar to how Wizards Chess was on the Harry Potter movie, pieces would actually battle each other. That's about all I have on it right now, I need to start writing out the lyrics and then developing the story boards for the videos. Anyway all of this also inspired tonight image of Chess pieces.

Large version on flickr.


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