Thursday, February 4, 2010

365 Project - Day 145

Day 145

More ice fishing today. I ran out to the lake again hoping to catch a fisherman before he got too far out on the ice...because I'm still not 100% sure that I would venture very far yet. Since I had a goal going into today's shoot, finding a fisherman was very easy, I only needed to get an OK to photograph them. I found the above fisher at the third lake parking section that I went to. Now without ant further adieu, meet JD, he has been ice fishing since he was a kid growing up in Michigan. My first question, after introducing myself, was how do you know if the ice is thick enough to fish on? JD casually pointed to the snowmobile tracks on the lake and said 'If they can ride on it then you can fish on it.' When he gets to a spot that he likes he used a sonar device to see if there are any fish in the area, as JD said, "there is no sense fishing blindly and through'd be asking for a headache." Once the fish are found, JD must drill a hole by hand in the ice and start fishing. Simple stuff. Since JD ventured out on the ice with the sled I decided to do the same to get a few different angles. For my second time out I was a little more courageous but then I heard a crack that made me quickly get back on to the ground. It ended up being a thin piece of ice near that edge of a small piece of land that was protruding through the surface. I'm really enjoying learning about ice fishing, and am thankful that through the course of this project I've been able to somewhat experience an activity that I have overlooked for 30 some years.

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