Monday, July 26, 2010

365 Project - Day 316 - Defrost

Day 316

Yes, it's a toaster, and yes it has a 'defrost' button. I haven't had a toaster for years, so this was a surprise. While I haven't had the chance to use the defrost button, this is just a reminder of how times change. Just as I need to upgrade my pantry to take advantage of this toasters' awesomeness, we, creatives, need to keep finding ways to add innovation to our work and how we present it. That doesn't necessarily mean buying more gear, but refining our knowledge of the gear we have and how we use it. Then taking simple steps to make our art stand out and keep our client impressed.

Funny what a new toaster make you think about.


Ja mata,


Judy said...

I have this same toaster but did not see a photo in it. Am I just blind or uncreative?

Really done well. But then, you probably knew that. :-)

Brian Palmer Photography said...

Thank for the comment Judy,
You are neither blind nor uncreative, we all see things differently. I bet that you can get a good shot of a different angle of the same toaster.