Friday, July 23, 2010

365 Project - Day 313 - Nothing in Akron, Ohio

Day 313

Today I was listening to the Creative Live Vision-Driven Photography with David duChemin. David spoke on finding your vision and discovering the process to develop and grow that vision. During the program today he asked what was holding 'you back from achieving your vision?' A user in the chat room mentioned that they lived in a visually bland location, Akron Ohio, and that there was nothing to photograph there. The funny part about that is I'm in Akron Ohio, and have been photographing many of the different aspects of this city for the past 300 plus days. It's all about perspective, Scott Bourne really lays it out on that post.

Here is the comment I made from that post on Skip's Photo Network
'I remember when I started really photographing nature many years back. After reading books and watching videos by John Shaw, I was jealous that he lived and traveled to amazing places to shoot and I was stuck in Akron, Ohio. For several months, I complained there was nothing great to shoot here. Then a much wiser photographer, I met while shooting in the field one day, told me the ‘More I complained the less I would appreciate the beauty’ of nature around me. And he was 100% right! That same photographer turned me on to E6 a few months later [and blue herons]. Neither Gear nor location make the photographer, it is knowledge of craft, surrounding and subject, dedication, and practice.' * Looking back on the 365, I found on Day 74 I blogged about how much nature photographer pissed me off! (Promise it's a fun read)

Doesn't matter where you live, if you take the time to look you can always find a subject.

* Here are a few more from the field, behind some houses, on  a hill. Plenty to shoot here.


matea said...

I think that at some point we all struggle with this. "It is too bland here, too crowded, too cold". I also live in a "bland place" and have had all these thoughts, but our ability to look around us and be amazed by the everyday things is what will set us apart as photographers. If you shoot in a exotic place the first reaction of people will be -wow- only because it is exotic, but that doesn't mean those are great photographs! Let's stop complaining and start shooting!

Brian Palmer Photography said...

Much agreed, I think everyone no matter where they live thinks it's bland initially. But that's only because you see it everyday over and over again... Just have to step back and see what it there.

Dijea said...

Beautiful shots. I totally agree that it is ALL about perspective. I find that something can be so different depending on your perspective.

This is a great idea for a series. One item - 7 perspectives

D. Brannon said...

I continue to follow your blog nearly every day, knowing how much I will enjoy your photography. But, in addition to the beautiful photographs, I am enjoying your bits of creative wisdom, and sharing what you are learning from others. I hope to apply what you say and show to my efforts with the paints and canvas. Since your vacation here on the OBX, I have told several others about your work and your blog. I hope you return again to the OBX, since as you well know, this bit of paradise is not bland at all and not cameral shy :)

Doug B.