Friday, July 16, 2010

365 Project - Day 306 - Immersion

Day 306

Back when I first learned Japanese,it was a real struggle. But after I stopped looking at the task as a hill to climb and more as daily routine to practice, I started to accomplish the feat. In addition, I began to slowly immerse myself in all things Japanese. From movies, to books, comics, web browsing, writing, reading, and music. Thinking about the process, takes me back to a Zack Arias blog post, with video, from almost a year ago. The post and video motivated me to really focus on improving my skills and putting myself out there with photography. It has been an amazing ride and progression since then.

Watch the video and post here: teachers everywhere Check out comment #58 for more on my struggle to learn Japanese and go to Japan.

*I wanted to give a special Congratulations to Tarsa Mar Dawson, for being selected as a finalist in Scott Bourne's Emerging photographer of the Year Grant. Tasra has worked incredibly hard over the past 300+ days of her 365 project, launching the Teen Identity brand, encouraging other photographers on their 365 journey, and re-inventing her sea of creativity website Tasra This 365 project that we are both doing is, in a way, like the 'total immersion' because we are shooting and reviewing images everyday. Congrats Tasra!


Get Her Done said...

Hi Brian,
were you channeling my journey in learning American sign language?

Very nice shout out to Tasra Mar--I enjoyed viewing her work!

Matthew Jordan Smith said...

HI Brian,

I am going to start looking at learning Japanese the same way, one day at a time! I'm so happy to have met you man!

Speak soon