Wednesday, July 7, 2010

365 Project - Day 297 - Fancy Box

Day 297

Today Scott Bourne made a blog post [rant] about gear, you can read it here. After reading the post it reminded me of what I was told when I first started shooting E6 [slide film] many years back. I knew a fashion photographer from Cleveland and told him I was interested in getting more serious about taking photographs ,he told me to remember 'a camera body is just a fancy box that opens and closed to let light in'. Excluding a few portions of the industry there really isn't a need to upgrade your DSLR body as soon as a new one comes out.

Enjoy (my Pentax k-1000).

Ja mata,


Ingrid said...

Great shot. I totally agree.

Get Her Done said...

Hi Brian,
I remember that camera--it is fitting that you took the shot of the opened camera body--your body of work has opened the door to many opportunities for you to meet some great and interesting people.