Friday, July 9, 2010

365 Project - Day 299 - Dumpster Conquered

Day 299

If you didn't catch my post from yesterday [Day 298], it centered around how warning signs for failing in a career can be seen just as a warning sign for falling off a dumpster. The post is a bit long, but worth a read regardless of your career. Today, I took a self-portrait on that very dumpster. This image is a visual reminder that I can overcome the obstacles of progressing in my career with a strong network of industry friends, technical knowledge, and mentors. All things readily available to us.

I encourage everyone to grab a shot on or near a dumpster [they are tough to get on]. If you want, you can send it my way and I'll post them on my blog over the next few days. Send your 3×4, 72dpi files to Brian @ Brian-Palmer . net and I will upload them along with a link to your blog or site plus twitter handle. We can start the networking here.


Ja mata,