Thursday, February 16, 2012

D47 - Music

What makes good music?  The beat? The lyrics? Both would be my suggestion. As we all saw on the Grammy's, Adele went home with big wins and as she said it all came from a "rubbish relationship".  When I write lyrics, there are two approaches to getting in my zone. The first is have a concept in mind without a track to write to. In these cases, I would start alibiing about the topic and figure out where I want to take it, making a rough draft. The next step would be to go back and fill in the remainder of the verse by moving, adding and subtracting lines until there are 16 bars. This can be fitted to a track at a later point in time, but will require more fine tuning and of course finding the right music.

The other option, which I prefer, is to have the track upfront and write what I feel the mood of the music is emoting. The best songs are ones that express a feeling, motivation, story, or cause over music that compliments it. Music is incredibly powerful. Take horror movies, the build up to a big scene is always accompanied by an underlying score to help bring you to the edge of your seat. Try to Google a few movie scenes and mute your speakers, without the ominous music it's just words and a scene. Oh, well if your speakers are muted then it's a silent movie, hmm, I'll have to rethink that test.

So speaking of music in my current rotation:
DJ Ozone Rudeboy Kulcha vol 15 mix
Marco Polo + Rustee Juxx  - The Exxecution
Elzhi - Elmatic
Adele - 19 + 21 
Little Shop of Horrors Soundtrack

---What are you listening to?---

Ja mata,