Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 32 - F.I.N.D. Film Is Not Dead

If you don't know Jonathan Canlas, do yourself a favor and check out his work...Go ahead I'll wait.

(Yes, this is me waiting)

Pretty awesome work right?  Yeah, all of his work is shot Film. I just got his new book 'Film Is Not Dead , a digital photographer's guide to shooting film' and I am even more energized to get a Hassy and start shooting some 120/220 film. It is a great read with good information on gear, shooting, keeping your vision, tips of common issues with different bodies, and buttery images to compliment the content. So in light of the new book, I captured some images of it, which was co-written by Kristen Kalp at Brand Camp.


Ja mata,


Linda van Rosmalen said...

Loving these images B!

Brian Palmer Photography said...

Thanks Linda! I was nervous about dropping the book into the water.