Friday, February 10, 2012

D41 - Balance & the Process

While shooting tonight I started thinking of the process that lead to 'the capture' below which is my final image for the day:

To get to the point on the image above, I envisioned capturing a capture of a small leave-less tree illuminated by a parking lot light. I'm starting to think I may be a bigger fan of trees than I once thought. Anyway, I pulled into the parking lot of a local school, and the blow scene caught my eye.

The symmetry reminded me of the mirror/reflection image from last night so I thought it would be a good follow up. Then my thoughts moved to this being too wide of a shot and too close to the previous day. With that,  I moved in for a tighter capture.

Layering the trees together, I composed the above image. Thinking about how I could take advantage of the branch colors, berries, and snow on the tree in the background. Then I though about isolating a tree, yes now I think the capture is too tight, and shot it from a lower angle. The resulting effect was the first image...which is my favorite of the three.

Leave a comment about your shooting process!

Now why do I like trees? Well growing up there was a huge evergreen in our backyard. My brother, sister and I had many good times playing, climbing, and falling out of the tree. When there was a big storm I remember hearing the tree (which was taller than the house) sway against the house. There were many night I laid in my bed thinking what if the tree falls tonight, but to wake up in the morning and see it still standing tall. The roots dug deep into the ground and almost reached the front yard. Once when we were young we tried to dig a deep hole for some reason and chopped a few roots in the process. I swear a few branches died as a result, well probably not, but as kids you tend to think that way.  OK, enough reminiscing, thanks for reading this far. Onward to day 42.


Ja mata,