Tuesday, February 14, 2012

D45 - Pushing On

Some days it's harder than others. Sara knows this all too well when she first started trying to ride her bike. Some days she would hop on and only make it a few feet before declaring the bike didn't work, frowning and sitting on the curb determined not to look at it. Other days, she would go for 15 minutes, then ask to ride on my back all the way home.

On a larger scale, the Ohio CycleWorks Charities team will be going through tough days as well. Even with the snow, they have to stick to their Regiment to be ready for Race Across America [RAAM] this coming June. But once you get past the pain you have the success, and nothing makes the pain less than support and encouragement. So 'like' the facebook page, follow them on twitter, and donate on the webpage, it's a great cause! The while team is motivated and accepting of the challenge, there is nothing like a push of support to help nullify the pain of training.

Plan your work, Work your plan.


Ja mata,