Tuesday, February 21, 2012

D52 - Little Changes

I had to put the Ginger Bread Boy down for a day, he was getting too reckless. I was actually inspired for this capture yesterday after stopping by the store for some last minute snacks. Instead of getting Skittles, I opted for trail mix as my daily snack at work. The plus to this will be not snacking on empty calories through out the day. The next few post will focus on little changes to improve your health and sanity. The biggest deterrent to making a change in your daily habits is trying to change them in one day. But it's like driving a car, if you want to make a left hand turn you need to slow down, put on your blinkers, and take the turn with ease. Going 60 MPH and just trying to turn will surely land you in a bad place, or jail. Take your turns slow and take it day be day. No skittle all this week for me!

Enjoy. Health is always Wealth!

Ja mata