Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to the Photo Hub!

     The 'Photo-Educational Hub' of Akron Ohio, coined from Skip Cohen. I love the idea of Akron, Ohio being a hub for big names to come a teach workshops, and not just because I live in the area. We have great architecture, nature, cityscape, Lebron (for now!), beautiful gardens, wildlife, and plenty of hungry artist ready to learn and grow.

     With all that in mind, Skip Cohen has got Matthew Jordan Smith to come to Akron Ohio for a 2 day workshop July 19th & 20th, basically adding Akron, Ohio to Matthew's 'Your Creative Experience' Tour. Day 1 is a seminar from 7pm til 9pm and Day 2 is a 10 hour intensive hands on shooting assignment starting around 8:30am.

You can learn more and register for workshop here:

Let start this 'Akron Ohio Photo Educational Hub' off right with support for Matthew Jordan Smith's Workshop July 19th & 20th! There is a early sign up special in effect until June 30th!