Friday, June 25, 2010

365 Project - Day 285 - Bliss #2 = Lyrics

Day 285

It was a full scale production tonight for the image of the day. Yesterdays theme, Bliss, was one that I actually wanted to do differently, but needed time to setup so I shot my other concept for it today. For me Bliss is Lyrics, as I am a lyricist and am always writing something here and there. For the shot I wanted to show:
  1. Listening to beats/music
  2. Writing lyrics
  3. Written lyrics
  4. different lighting setup
I decided to setup on the dining room table since is was glass I could shoot wide from under it and use 2 flashes to lite the scene. 1st flash in at 12" above the table, 2' above and to the back right of the camera. I have a while diffuser panel in front of the flash set at 1/8 -3 power. This flash is attached & triggered by a Canon OC-E3 - Flash cable. The second flash set to slave mode, at the camera's left parallel with me, up about 2' pointed at the wall at 45 degrees in my direction, flagged with black foam paper. It is also firing at 1/8th -3 power.

                                       (Cell Phone Pic of strobist  info!)

After this was setup I needed to write out some of my lyrics to fill the table with. Since I keep all my work on flash drive I just opened the text pads and re-wrote them on lined paper, scattered and flipped them on the table. My 'bliss' is reading the word play, concepts, and seeing the story unfold. Most of my inspiration comes from reading novels, movies, things I see on the day to day, and those little voices you shouldn't tell people you hear. :)


Ja mata,