Wednesday, June 9, 2010

365 Project - Day 269 - Jelly Bean Fall

Day 269

Some day's you have to push a little harder to get something different. I started with just some shots of the jelly beans positioned out of a glass cup on it's side, some off camera flash, and bouncing the light from the camera left. After a few shots, which came out ok, I though about a shot of the beans suspended in air by lifting a glass off of the beans quickly. One obstacle was the lighting. Direct lighting caused too much spill, as well as side light, the only other option was snooting the flash. Instead of grabbing my long snoot, I had a single serve cereal box, which, conveniently enough, fit on the end of my 580EX. I opened one flap on the bottom end of the box to only let a slither of light out, and fired a few test shots at 1/64 +0.7 power. After I got my settings and flash positioning, I asked Perla to lift the glass (sitting upside down filled with jelly beans) as fast as she could, the above image is the result..


Ja mata,


Corey B said...

Oh I like this.. they pop just right!