Thursday, June 10, 2010

365 Project - Day 270 - 1st Person Motion

Day 270

Another Theme Thursday! This weeks theme is motion, so I took a drive through a nicely wooded area with a slow shutter speed and small aperture. I was shooting out the window while driving...really not recommended at speeds faster than 20 mph. Now have to get a photo of a car moving, while I'm moving with it. So much to try, so little days left.


Ja mata,


Dijea said...

Brian - AWESOME SHOT. I love it and I wish I had done this.

Great shot. Fabulous.

Alisa said...

Excellent! Love it!

thevino said...

Cool Shot! Did you use a window clamp for this?

Brian Palmer Photography said...

@thevino - no window clamp, just held the camera out the window with rt hand and drove with left...a clamp would have helped.