Sunday, June 27, 2010

365 Project - Day 287 - Water 2 (Orange)

Day 287

Tonight's attempt at the water/orange juice splash in a glass, turned out much better. Using Orange juice to add a little color to the image and setting the camera at eye level enhanced the overall image. The trick to catching the splash was to hold off on the cabled remote a little longer than you want to, before triggering the camera. Also, have spare clean glasses on hand to retry with quickly.

For the vertical image just used one flash at the camera left, super-clamped to the base of a light stand. 580exi was set at 1/8 -3, camera at ISO 200, F.22, 1/250. For the horizontal image I used two flashes, the 580exi still at the camera left and a 550EX at the camera right both aimed at 45 degrees between 2'-3' from the glass each. The 580EXI was set at 1/4 +3, connected to the camera via a sync cable,trigger the 550EX wirelessly. Camera for horizontal image was set at ISO 100, F.22, 1/250.


Ja mata,


Dijea said...

Nice Capture. I haven't managed this one myself.