Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My brother Dave

My older brother Dave is one of the coolest people you'd ever meet, he is intelligent, very artistic, and gets along with just about anyone he encounters (my siblings and I all share that trait). Dave visited some months back and we have a quick photo session the night before he left. Just wanted to post a few images from that fun night.

It's funny my daughter was scared of his piercings when she first saw him, but now sees the pictures of Dave on the computer and says "It's Uncle Dave!". We are making sure she sees his picture at least once a day, that way when we see him next she will warm right up to Dave.

*Dave, I still look up to you, seriously! Keep putting in that work so you can make your dreams a reality.

We love you Dave.

~ Brian


Sandra said...

Great portraits. #3 is my favorite.

ProphecyBlur said...

Very cool set of photos, i think i'd like Uncle Dave :-)