Thursday, July 26, 2012

D203 - Makes Perfect

Practice does make perfect, but only if you practice it the right way. This is the same reason why there are certain words we all type incorrect the same way every time. Think about it, you spell a word incorrectly, then right click to spell check and correct the spelling without retyping the word the proper way, you have just taught yourself the wrong spelling. So how do you correct this? Spelling the word right in the first place would be a great option. Or correct the word, and then retype it, after a few times you should be typing the word correctly from the jump and not depending on Spell check to present you with a list guesses to what you tried to spell. Honestly spell check, if I didn't know how to spell the word in the first place why are your presenting me with 10 variations of the 'supposed' word I mean.

That reminds me of a time I had a to send out an email to a large group of people for an outage, at the end I wrote sorry for the inconvenience. Apparently, I spelled inconvenience wrong and it was wrong enough that Incontinence (the inability to hold one's bowels) was the first word in the suggested list. I didn't know this until I started getting emails back (as a joke ) asking about my incontinence and what I was doing to prevent it.

So far Sara is doing good with her practice.


Ja mata, Brian