Wednesday, July 4, 2012

D179 - Catalyst

A stick of incense is only at it peak with a flame. Sure you can smell the scent before burning them, but just having a bag of incense will not fill a room with it's smell. This is the same as pursuing your passion/dream, just having one is not enough. You have to be the flame, the catalyst to cause a reaction. Which is not as easy as lighting a match, especially on long days and short sleep. Or days you feel like you are taking steps backwards instead of advancing. These are the days it takes two matches to start the reaction. If you are feeling stagnant, uninspired, defeated, unmotivated, stuck in a place where you cannot move out from...make a reaction. It doesn't have to be a big reaction just big enough for you. Be honest, we all know when we are not giving 100%. Dig deep, know what you have to do and do more!  You never know how close you are until you get there...and it would be a shame to walk away when you could be right there.


Ja mata, Brian