Monday, July 23, 2012

D200 - Lights and Rope

Time to add a little fun and safety to these nightly runs. For the past few weeks I have ventured out 2-3 times a week between 12 and 2 am. It's a pretty peaceful run with only minor car interruptions. So instead of just crossing the street when a car approaches I picked up a L.E.D. to wear as to alert drivers to my position. Also I grabbed a jump rope to assist in my warm up before running. Helps get the heart rate up as well as endurance. For today's photo it's a product shot of the light and rope. I used the inside of a shoe box as housing and off camera flash bouncing off of the wall behind the camera. Jump rope strings were secure with tape in the back.

 Enjoy...and get jumping. (So glad I'm doing this at night where not many can see me, I'm sure I will look like a hippo doing an impersonation of a dolphin jumping out of water. Awesome!)