Sunday, July 15, 2012

D191 - Cookie Table

Apparently I needed to recharge the previous night or run my post before the wedding and nightly run. Why? Because I crashed like a blindfolded driver going down snake mountain with no breaks. Side note: You have to hear my story about when my breaks went out going down a hill to a one way street. Anyway, it was a good crash though, and I was able to pace myself on the 3 mile run at 11 minute miles. Also, I learned another important lesson on the run, only wear what you intend to run with. I had an undershirt on, thinking I might get a little chilli, well that was the exact opposite of what happened. Now trying to take an undershirt off without taking off your upper-shirt (really Brian, upper-shirt?) while running since you are timing yourself is not a easy or graceful task. I am sure I looked like a fool trying. The things you do to keep your pace. From Saturdays wedding, Buckeyes from the cookie table, and they were delicious!! Love it when the parents of the couple insist I take something from the cookie table, it's so hard to say no.


Ja mata, Brian