Monday, May 28, 2012

D150 - Get Dirty

While the title may not seem to reflect the image at face value it does in the way this was captured. 'Get Dirty' is in reference to how the image was captured, by laying on the ground and shooing at a different angle. A lone fly, clinging to a weed blowing in the wind. The tricky part of this shot was  auto focus did not work well since I am half way in the weeds, the focus was jumping around like a scared rabbit. Switched the lens to manual focus, got the weed sharp, composed the image with the subject against the pink sky, and then waited for a break in the wind. Felt as if an hour had past before I got my chance to shoot.

Being in dirt, weeds and goose poop [I know, glamorous] takes me back to what I was taught a long time back as a newbie shooter, 'If you go out shooting in the field and do not come back dirty, you didn't look hard enough'.  Since I am a little shy of the half way mark (plus a push from a good friend), it seemed like no better time to push the bar up, will have to see how far up it can go. Onward to tomorrow.

While the above was today's image I am exploring a new series that will be a feature outside of the 365. This is just a sampler of the direction I'm going...

Enjoy x2
Ja mata, Brian


Linda van Rosmalen said...

Lovin' it! Push on my friend! Look forward to the side project!

Brian Palmer Photography said...

Thanks Linda!