Saturday, May 12, 2012

D134 - shoes and Cassettes

So what do these shoes have to do with anything? Well they are light up shoes Sara got today. After she got her shoes I looked around for shoes of my own, but did not find a pair I liked. Ok, there were a few good ones but the colors were not agreeing with me. Anyway we are leaving and I happen to see a shelving full of small electronic gadgets, upon closer inspection there was a Cassette to MP3 converter on that shelf.  I was more than surprised to find that gadget since yesteryear was the Cassette post and finding a way to convert my cassettes was still fresh in my mind. The moment described takes me back to 11th grade Geometry, it was the end the school year in late May. Our teacher was telling us about traits of successful people and one of those traits was writing out goals. By writing then down you are in a sense burning that goal into your mind, so if an opportunity should arise you will be less likely to over look it. Out of all the things she told us that really stuck with me, it stuck with me for about 4 years, up until the point where I first went to Japan. Without going too far into the story I made a list of goals and on that list was to visit Japan [about 2 years before going]. At that point I was already learning Japanese and was buying Manga magazines to study with. In the back of one of the magazines I found an ad promoting ticket from LAX to Osaka, round trip $349, I booked the flight and the rest is history.

So had I not wrote down the goal, started learning Japanese, or even been in that class on that day, would I have come across the ad? Might that first trip been canceled, and all the others back to the Land of the Rising Sun. Maybe...Maybe not. But I like to think there is something to this and not just by chance.

Below are the shoes that will help me to convert my tapes to MP3s.

Ja mata, Brian