Thursday, August 23, 2012

D230 - Buy my App!!

about 6 months on the 75 anniversary of the Akron Art Museum, Youngstown Artist Al Bright did a mural, on the spot, while a Jazz band played. After he completely blew the crowd away with his talent and work everyone got up to thank him for the show and congratulate him. I had a moment to talk to him as well as my mom and we both asked the same question "how can we keep and help nurture Sara's creativity with drawing?"

Mr.Bright's Answer: Help her creativity grow and don't buy her comic books, instead get her plain paper drawing pads.

Well after 6 months, multiple full drawing pads, an exceptional amount of exposure to the arts, and a tremendous amount of encouragement Sara drew her first App! On top of that she wants to put it on my phone, as in make a real App. You should see the excitement in her face when she talks about how the controls work and what each of the characters do. But her creativity still needs to grow, which means I'm off the barns & noble to get a book or two on programing an app. Good thing I have a little programing under my belt. Now she may lose interest in getting the app up and running, but I'd rather her lose interest organically instead of the loss of engagement be a result of me not helping her explore the world of Apps.

The first Sara App sketch: