Wednesday, August 22, 2012

D228 - Consolidate

I really need to consolidate my running 'supplies' for this training program as it's getting to be a bulky mess out on the road. As it stands, I have my mobile for speed/distance/timing of my runs, my ipod for music to run to, and headphones (obviously). Also I carry my ID in case I get stopped for running in the middle of the night as if that hasn't happened already. A house key and a flashlight are the last two items. I used to not carry the ipod but my mobile likes to recycle while playing music because it's awesome.

Tonight, I ran my fastest time yet, but can only prove it by what my phone recorded, which was only 2.3 miles at 19:34 minutes. The last mile recorded was a 9:31 and I pushed pretty hard through mile 3. At about 3.2 miles I took my phone out to see my time, it was powered off. Awesome. My ipod was at 28 minutes and some change. This isn't the first time I've lost my time and sadly it will not be the last. At least until I upgrade to a new device. But until then, if you see a guy running down your street at 2am with bulky pockets don't call the police, it's just me. Besides after 3 miles I'm mostly harmless!
Ja mata, Brian