Sunday, August 12, 2012

D220 - I'm Rich

Now this is a Yuan from China, not Yen from Japan as Sara thought. This morning, like most where Sara gets up early (grr) we were looking through a Japanese lesson book and she had questions about money in Japan. Thinking I still had some bill I went to my stash but had no paper Yen, I did have some coins so we used them while playing cards. It's really good to see Sara so interested in Japanese and Japan, my hope is the lesson will help make her transition a little easier when we get there. For today here is a photo pf the Yuan. -By the way I'm not right Sara beat me about 7 times playing WAR, I may have to school her in Spades.


Question: is it bad I stack the deck in my daughters favor when we play cards every Sunday morning so she wins? I feel like the parents of the kids who suck on American Idol reassuring them they 'sound good'. I guess it's OK as long as she doesn't go out for a poker Tournament. Ja mata, Brian