Sunday, August 29, 2010

365 Project - Day 350 - Running out of Time

Day 350

With 15 days left, it's time to lace up the running shoes for the final stretch of this project. I feel like writing a book about all I've learned from the journey and those who I have learned from on their own 365. For anyone who happens on to this blog, project, or page...If you take nothing else from what I, or the other 365ers have done, it should be that no accomplishment can be completed without the first step! Whether you a photographer, teacher, farmer, or just someone dreaming big, a plan has no progress without action. Don't let the small stuff stop you. No gear? rent or borrow it. No one to shoot, ask a cousin or friend and buy them lunch. No time? Turn off the TV, you will be surprise how much time you have. There is no good reason why you shouldn't be practicing you craft daily whatever it is. Working hard is not a chore, it's a necessity for success. Make a change tomorrow, big or small, just make one.


Ja mata,


cmatthews said...

good idea brian think i will post that make change comment on facebook.. great concept