Thursday, August 5, 2010

365 Project - Day 326 - Playing Horse

Day 365

Today, we took a drive just to get lost and find something new. After about 20 minutes of driving, we happened upon a field with roosters, lambs, quail, and 2 horses. Perla pull over so I could get a shot of the day. Once I got the fence, the above horse started to approach until it was only inches in front of me. My first thought was 'Thank you for being a friendly horse!' but then I was thinking, while kneeling down for the shot...'Do horses spit? Nah...that's Llamas...I think'. Well I'm happy to report there were no surprises during the shoot. Sadly, Sara was sleeping when we got there and would not wake up to say 'Hi'. She did, however, enjoy the images later once we were home.


Ja mata,

39 days to go! Wow!!!