Thursday, August 12, 2010

365 Project - Day 333 - Flight Crew

Day 333

Meet Toya, Devonn, and Diane, awesome flight attendants who work for Airtran. We had a flight from Denver to Ohio at 6 am, and the crew made it 100% fun. From the opening announcement where Devonn said "I am pleased to introduce the best pilot at Airtran, Captain Tim John, who is unfortunately on vacation..." While the plane was making its way to the runway, Diane was passing out headphones for passengers to listen to XM Radio. As the plane rounded a corner Diane braced herself for the turn and said "See, I'm risking my life for your entertainment!" Later in the flight, Toya and Devonn were walking down the aisle collecting trash saying 'trash, paper, wrappers.' Then, when they came back up the aisle they were asking for 'Extra cash, jewelry, watches.' They remained professional but made the trip fun. You have to admit getting passengers engaged and actually paying attention the safety instructions at 6 am in the morning is a feat!

Through all this, Airtran had a computer issue causing some flights to be delayed. There wasn't a single grumpy person getting off of our flight. Devonn, Toya, and Diane were all gracious enough to allow me to photograph them, after the passengers were off of the plane, for the blog. Next, I will be sending a long email to Airtran corporate to let them know how much we enjoyed the flight.

Thanks Toya, Devonn, and Diane - You made our day!

Lesson of the day was the importance of a team that meshes well together. We seriously got the best of the best!


Ja mata,