Thursday, August 19, 2010

365 Project - Day 340.2 - Comfy Couple

Day 340.2

Ok, so one more image. Tonight, I also got this shot of a couple looking at their camera while standing in-front of a display window. Just liked the feel of the image too much not to post. Sometime dark images can have a light surprise. This is comfy part two, and they look comfy together. I was originally going to just shoot the display but saw these two having a moment and adjusted to capture them in the image. After I took the picture they walked away into the night. I would have liked to pass them a card, that way I could send them the image. But I didn't want to approach them and take away from the moment I was seeing.

Why give them the image?

Why not? Imagine they are a couple on their first date, or even first date after being engaged. He could be simply visiting from out of town, but having this image would bring back the emotions of that precise moment when they were looking at the pictures they took of each other. Maybe some one will see this and forward it on to the couple, even though they are tough to make out.

I will need to start another blog or section of the blog called "The 563 Project" all the images that didn't make the image of the day will have to make sure I have enough work to last the year.


Ja mata,