Friday, December 11, 2009

365 Project - Day 90

Day 90

Today, I wanted to keep playing with lights. I pulled out the fabric from the smoke shots [D.77] and set it up to make a small backdrop for the bear; draping the fabric over empty boxes and sitting the bear, on a smaller box, in the foreground. My next step was to place a flash, flagged to control light spill on the background, low behind the subject for a rim light. Next, I used an on-camera flash bouncing off the wall, to the left, to directionally fill the subject and trigger the second flash. The rim light covers most of the subject to help separate it from the background.

Also, I wanted to send a Big Thanks to Skip Cohen for giving me the honor of being featured in one of his articles in the PDN's 'Focus on Weddings' [will add a link to the online version once it's up]. I can't describe how great and humbling it is to see your own work in print. Thank you Skip.

As always...
Large version on Flickr.


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