Monday, December 21, 2009

365 Project - Day 100

Day 100

The last 99 days have really flown by, it's almost hard to imagine what I would have been doing had I not joined my 365-tweeps a little over 3 months ago. This project seemed like a mountain with an invisible peak high in the clouds. But now the peak is visible and I am more than focused on reaching it. Can't wait to hit the next hundred.

The image for today was taken around midday, in a field just behind a playground. This was literally the last leaf left attached to the branch. I was drawn to this subject by the 'Y' shaped branch and the shadows on the leaf. The color of the leaf complements the background colors in the bokeh (blur) area.

Manual Monday:
I read 'Wireless Manual Flash with Varied Flash Outputs (pg.42)' in my Flash Manual today. Didn't know you could vary the outputs using the Master unit to Slave flash units based off of groups A-B-C.

Larger version on Flickr.


Ja mata,


Karen Johnson said...

I really like this. I like how you composed it and the lighting. Very nicely done.

tmdawson said...

Gorgeous golden light. Love the title and image.