Sunday, December 20, 2009

365 Project - Day 99

Day 99

This is my last day in double digits. Moving forward, my aim to take my approach, capture, and final images up a notch as well. There will be a few theme weeks and other projects that I will incorporate into this one. Via Tasra365 [Check out her new site if you haven't already!!], I will participate in her 'Theme Thursday's' as well. Today's process was all about vantage points. There was another shot that I wanted but needed to a higher position to get the image the way I envisioned it. I will need to go back out and find a better position to shoot from in the coming days. After I looked at what was around me, since light was fading, I noticed the snow resting on top of some weeds to my front left. I moved to eye level, repositioned my tripod, and settled on a composition that worked. Then waited for about 10 minutes for a break in the wind to capture the above image. I opened the lens up to get a good blur, but not all the way open so subject would be completely sharp.

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Ja mata,


David Abbishaw said...

Very nice. With a good bokeh.

Bryan said...

Love it! Keep up the good work! Watch for my 365 project coming in the next week or so!

tmdawson said...

Cannot wait to see what your images look like when you kick it up a notch. You already blow us away with what you capture!

I love how you put such thought and attention into each image. I can only imagine how that is shaping and informing your professional images as well.