Sunday, August 19, 2012

D226 - TBT

Sara: "But daddy, we have to make the bubbles, it uses Turbo Bubble Technology (TBT). What is Turbo Bubble Technology?"

Here we go, time to put the years of schooling, that I am still paying for, to good use. Every instant growing up where I dealt with bubbles, days of blowing bubbles as a little one myself without these fancy technology filled devices. To times where I worked at an inventors hall of fame watching a master bubble maker cover a kid in a massive bubble. Also, all my experience in making bubble solution with dish liquid with cold water and crafting a wire hanger into a make shift bubble-maker stick. All of this lead up to this defining moment where I tell Sara "Turbo Bubble Technology means it make a lot of bubbles really fast". Yeah, really could have gave a little more, but I don't think Sara would have appreciated me breaking down the turbo technology further. Moments later she was laughing at her dog being scared by a hula-hoop (silly dog). Hopefully the next time I have to dig deep for an explanation it will be something other than made up bubble machine technology.


Ja mata, Brian