Wednesday, March 21, 2012

D81 - Detours to Learning

When you work on a computer all day and then to then come home to work on another computer can be daunting. On the good side, I can take detours here and there at home while 'working'. The detours actually help with my focus when studying or completing multiple task. This is a technique I picked up when I learned Japanese, most of which was self taught. One of the suggestions of a Kanji lesson book was to work for a least 25 minutes and then take 10 minute break to let the lesson sink in. By the end of the book, I knew about 150 Kanji and still retain most of that knowledge. Of course, everyone learns differently,  so this might not be the approach you need to take. Never the less, there is no way to know if this will work for you too unless you try it.


Ja mata,