Tuesday, March 20, 2012

D80 - The Mbira + Memories

Many years back, I bough this item at The National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka, it's a Mbira or as on the tag a 'Mini Sanzu' from Africa.The Mbira still works well after all the years, it's a miniature so the sound is limited, but love the tones that come from it (Sara does too). Besides being fun to break out every now and then, just having it take me back to the times I spent in Japan. This is why I kept the price tag on it, I think I bought this in 1999 or 2000. It's fun to step back and look at the things we hold on to over the years. Well as long as you don't get like those hoarders on TV, Yikes, but a healthy bit of 'Pack-Rat-ness' never hurt anyone. Yet.

What are you holding on to from years past?

Ja mata,