Thursday, March 1, 2012

D61 - GBB : Letter to Ella

This post is actually for my niece Ella, Ginger Bread Boy is going home.

"Hi Ella, it's Ginger Bread Boy or GBB as your uncle likes to call me. Ohio was great! Your cousin Sara took me to the mall [we tried on shoes and played with jewelry] and later made pizza together, although I don't remember getting my piece. We also went to an Organic store where your uncle ordered a sandwich that he thought had chicken on it, but it was some 'weird, semi-crunchy, peanut fusion'. It was funny to watch him try to eat it with a smile.

Oh Sara's dog, Cleo, nibbled on my hand, Yuk, but she is still scared of the hula hoop! Remember that when you go back for a visit. The following week I watched as the weather went from freezing to toasty, Ohio weather is all kinds of goofy. Then I visited your Uncle's job, he had sliding boards at his work! 2 of them! Uncle Brian said the last picture will be of me ‘on the sliding board.’ Hmm, I really thought it would have been me riding it and not taped to the side of it. And he didn't use strong tape so I fell off! I guess that was my ride. See you in a few days Ella!"


Ja mata,
Brian & Ginger Bread Boy