Tuesday, January 3, 2012

D3 - Caution Sharp

     Tonight, I was looking for a way to capture the ring around the inserts for the K-cup on a Keurig Coffee maker. The image below is my favorite from the batch that I took. I like the look of the ring being cut off and off center with the star base out of focus below.

      One of the best aspects of being a wedding photographer is I get to meet some of the coolest people, like the project manager for one version of the Keurig coffee makers. I remember saying to him, while photographing the groomsmen getting ready, "these coffee machines are awesome"! His reply was "it's all about getting the most talented people for the right jobs." His response was spot on and not just for engineering firms, but for every business. It's one thing to have the right people on the team; it's 100x better to have the right people doing the job they are best at on your team. So when the time comes to delegate responsibilities make sure you have the best person for that job.

Now time for some tea while checking out all the other 365er on Twitter Tuesday.

Ja mata