Thursday, April 29, 2010

365 Project - Day 228 - Flower Child

Day 228

Today I got a 50 1.4 lenses to try out from Lens Pro To Go. I highly recommend renting gear from them, cost on the site includes 2 day shipping to and from your location. All of the gear is in pristine condition and perfect working order.In addition, Paul and his staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the equipment they rent.

I decided to get a few shots of some Lilies for the image today. I have to say Tasrawas right about how amazing a 50mm lens is. It's going top be tough sending this one back.

Large version on flickr.


Ja mata,


Breanna said...

Amazing shot Brian! I'm still saving for my prime lens, and a macro. I love the black and white conversion! If you have seen my blog, I've been having issues with black & white.